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Subconscious Mind Tapping

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Dear Friend,

When was the last time you went to a Personal Development seminar, read a book, or listened to an audio, that promised to get you to the personal breakthrough that you were seeking?

Yet at the end of the day, you came up short, didn’t get to your breakthrough and nothing significant changed in your life?

Have you ever felt this way?

How many times has this been the case for you?

You may have even returned multiple times to the same training like Tony Robbins, The Firewalk, and still never experienced the breakthroughs you were seeking…

You may have even asked yourself…

“Why didn’t it work for me when it worked for others attending the same seminar?”

Maybe you were seeking better health, peace of mind, more fulfilling relationships, financial stability, more time with your family and freedom to do whatever you wanted, whenever you desired?

And at the end of the day, no matter what you do, you always seem to feel like something is holding you back…

Something that you can’t quite put your finger on.

It’s like an invisible force that is pushing against you, preventing you from realizing your dreams.

It almost sounds like Science Fiction. Doesn’t it?

But it’s not.

In fact, I am here to tell you that what you are experiencing is REAL. This Top Secret Information that I’m about to share with you, will help you push right through that invisible barrier… 


Whether it is your desire to improve your health and fitness, spiritual and emotional well-being, improve your family and relationships, career and travel, financial goals or just making a difference and leaving behind a legacy…

No matter what area that you want to experience your breakthroughs, you will find it once you apply this simple formula.

Let me ask you a question.

Why is it that we are never able to reach the breakthroughs or experience the highest level of success we are all seeking?

It is our EGO, past experiences and the human condition that are really holding us back from experiencing the breakthroughs we are all looking for. So how do we overcome this?

That’s exactly what this TOP SECRET FORMULA is going to do for you. Once I discovered and implemented this formula, everything in my life completely changed.

I had to reach the very top of my field as well as endure the most crippling failures to get this information.

In a way, I guess you could say that “I took a hit for the team” because what I had to go through to gain access to this information almost took my life. No joke. In fact, quite frankly, I’m lucky to even be alive to share this information with you today. I’ll get into that story further along in the letter...


If you have always dreamed of getting to your personal breakthrough…If going to the next level in your reality is so deep rooted into the core of your being, then today is your lucky day.

And I encourage you to READ ON.

This TOP SECRET FORMULA is like a special sauce that can help anyone…


You can completely turn your life around and achieve endless success beyond your wildest dreams in record time.

If you haven’t learned this already, motivation alone won’t get you to your personal breakthrough. It is much deeper than that. It is tapping into the depths of your subconscious mind and retraining and reprogramming your brain to get the results you are REALLY looking for.

The value of this formula is completely priceless and it can be used in every single area of your life to get you the most impactful results you’ve been seeking. It is important for you to understand the significance of how special this formula is and how it came into my life to be able to share with you today.

Not too long ago I was exactly right where you are most likely at right now. Searching for your personal breakthrough to change every part of your life moving forward.

I had big dreams for success. I mean REALLY big dreams and I was searching for my personal breakthrough to take everything in my life to the next level.

I knew there had to be more in life than what I was getting. Nightly, I was staying up late after working a normal job watching late night info commercials and I came across Tony Robbins. From that day forward my life was completely changed. I was introduced to a new world called Personal Development where I was told I could learn to manifest anything and everything into my life.

But back to my story….

By the time I was 25, I had used the tools Tony Robbins had given me to open up and run my first advertising agency. I had just rolled out a  successful launch campaign and began the process of signing up million dollar accounts when I woke up one day to see on the front page of the Vancouver Sun the headline

“Advertisers BUCKLE UP. Recession HITS!”

One company after another were coming to me to have me save their businesses from financial collapse. Due to the recession they were on the verge of going under, and thought by hiring my agency and hoping that I could save their business from the economic doom they were facing.

They would give me a 50% deposit on the contract, and by the time the job was completed, they would be completely out of business, unable to pay their bills. Business were closing their doors left and right and that’s when it all came crashing down.

I lost everything financially and emotionally, including my confidence and self esteem.

But I didn’t give up. Instead, this only motivated me further to get back on the path of Personal Development and seek out new and groundbreaking ways to reinvent my life and create a new fortune.

In the depths of my excruciating failure, I found new Personal Development training introducing me to the human condition, the concept of visualization and the power of the subconscious mind. 

This realization was the beginning of opening up another gateway for me to understand the inner workings of the mind and unlocking the secrets of success in every area of my life.

Being mentored and working directly with some of the top trainers in Personal Development,  I was able to rise from the depths of despair to make my first million dollars by the time I was 35 yrs of age.

I rode this wave of success and became a multi-millionaire, thriving and raising my son Drayson as you saw in the picture. I had enough financial success and accolades to never have to worry about money ever again for the rest of my life. My peers in my field of business nicknamed me “The Midas Touch Man” because every project I worked on…

Literally turned to gold...

I felt that my life and fortune was set forever, at least that is what I thought at the time…

And then something SHOCKING happened that I could have never expected.

Unexpectedly and without warning, the Stock Market crashed, the Real Estate Market crashed and I lost my entire business fortune, a second time.

What was even worse than losing my financial fortune...

I went through the loss of my son, in an ongoing custody battle.  The stress of fighting for my son in a court case lasting over 6 years caused my health to deteriorate to the point that my body began shutting down.

I found myself on the verge of losing my life, hooked up to I.V. for 5 hours a day, 4 days a week for almost 4 months straight. Unable to work, this eventually left me living back home with my parents at almost 40yrs of age.

Losing the money and accolades didn’t matter. What mattered most to me was fighting for my life, and being able to regain the ability to be in my son’s life again.

Even after this most crippling loss, I didn’t and wouldn’t give up!

My life with my son was worth fighting for…

These series of events fueled me even further into a deeper investigation into the inner workings of the subconscious mind. I started to ask specific questions to unlock the secrets in our minds, and open up a new gateway to my next level of breakthrough.

What was revealed to me was beyond anything I could have ever comprehended.

I was about to discover the missing Top Secret Information that the Elite Society of Billionaires had been keeping from the masses for so long.

Part of the information that was revealed to me was that there is a secret behind “The Secret”.

In applying and using this new information my personal and business success was about to go through the roof...

As I continued down my path of discovery, I was introduced and trained in the areas of Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction, The Equation for Manifestation, the Secret Beyond “The Secret”, and the Attracting Force.

In coming back and gaining success after this most crippling failure, I was given a gift from the Universe. I discovered how to manifest unlimited wealth from nothing, and how to retrain anyone’s subconscious mind. I was now able to help others get everything they ever dreamed and wanted in their life and more; by following just a few simple steps.

I know that may sound controversial, but it’s really true.

Using this simple formula, my health completely turned around. I was able to regain my Midas Touch and manifest the stability and wealth I needed in my life. But what was even better, was that I was able to help others become successful, even helping a man go from being homeless to making over $20,000 in one month!

If you've read enough and this totally feels like the next step you want to take to change and bring success into every part of your life...  

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Subconscious Mind Tapping

Applying this simple formula changed every part of my business and personal life.

"Success came pouring into my life, like never before..."

I was recognized for my accomplishments and became a contributing author to Chicken Soup For The Network Marketer’s Soul with Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. I also became a co-author of a book called MLM Affiliate Magic.

But this isn’t about MLM.

This is about applying this simple proven formula to every aspect of your business and personal life to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

But back to my story….

I went to the very top of my sales organization and was featured on stage after making as much as $47,000 in a single month. Additionally, I was able to raise millions of dollars for new startup businesses, starting from scratch or zero…

What was more significant was being able to rebuild the relationship with my son.

Applying these simple strategies helped me manifest everything important back into my life and I was able to teach others to do the same in their lives.

We can have all of the success we want in business and in life, but without our loved ones to share it with, it means nothing. I hope you can relate to this.

Now my mission is to make this TOP SECRET FORMULA available to the masses, so it can change your life like it has changed mine forever.

What I will share with you, is that each and every time I’ve used this TOP SECRET FORMULA, I have gotten similar results with endless personal breakthroughs for myself and the thousands of people I’ve worked with and mentored.

In fact, others applying this simple formula have received raises working in Corporate America from $100,000 to as high as $312,000 within 60 days after completing this training. This simple formula has taken waiters from making $2100 a month to making $3000 in a single day and more.

This stuff is the real deal.

You just can’t make up results like this.

Honestly, sometimes people have said to me that this TOP SECRET FORMULA is like rubbing a magic bottle and hearing a Genie saying the words, ‘Your wish is my command”.

In applying this simple formula, they have all begun to receive their wishes and dreams at lighting speed.

Now I feel like it is my mission in life to bring this TOP SECRET FORMULA to the public…


This TOP SECRET FORMULA will teach you how to control your thoughts, control your words, control your emotions, and once you learn and apply this you will be able to gain control over every area of your life.

You’re probably saying to yourself…

“Yeah right. I’ve heard this before. I’ve bought and attended trainings like this in the past. Why would this be any different?”

We’ve all been skeptical in the past haven’t we?

I was once skeptical just like you because I had read countless Personal Development books and attended endless trainings , workshops, listening to audios daily for decades.

All of them were guaranteeing a better life by following their formula for success. But why weren’t they producing the results I was looking for?

According to Albert Einstein…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

Sometimes, it’s just a slight shift, a slight change that can produce the most impactful life changes and results we are looking for. Just like a radio frequency that is slightly off the station. If you turn up the volume, all you will get is more static.

Sometimes, with just a little tiny adjustment, a beautiful symphony of music starts playing.

Let me explain further…

Tony Robbins trainings and others like them, began to change my life for the better. But still something was missing. Something was still out of tune. Just like a radio station. The additional training I gained access to, helped bring the station or frequency of success more into clarity.

But it wasn’t until I gained access to this TOP SECRET FORMULA that I was able to tune into the success frequency for every part of my life.

Seems like everyone is claiming that their training can change your life forever. But why do people have to keep on going back over and over and over attending the same events?

Have you ever felt this way?

I knew something was missing; a key element that would change my fortunes forever.

And I finally found it!

It was this TOP SECRET INFORMATION. It was the missing link I was searching for.

l was amazed at how this simple formula when applied correctly could change anyone's fortune in their personal and business lives.

And I do mean anyone...

Obtaining wealth and having personal breakthroughs seemed hollow and without passion, because there were pieces of the puzzle that I had not yet uncovered.

Once you get your hands on this TOP SECRET INFORMATION you will finally begin to understand what has been blocking you your entire life. You will finally open up the gateway to the ultimate success and the future reality you are looking for.

Let’s face it.

You know you want to take your life to the next level, just like I did.

You know that you’ve been searching for the keys to unlock Universal Abundance. Am I right?

Now is the time to throw your hat over the wall and take action to finally gain access to a proven system that produces the type of results you are looking for in your life.

Just read a few more testimonials from people that have completely changed their lives after implementing this TOP SECRET INFORMATION.


Subconscious Mind Tapping will…

Get you emotionally connected to your dream so that you become UNSTOPPABLE.

Reignite your burning desire to achieve your goals.

Help you to understand your core beliefs about success

Eliminate your fear of success and failure.

Increase your concentration and focus.

Raise your confidence and self-esteem

Give you a road map to manifest anything you want in your life.

Normally training that produces these type of personal breakthroughs can range anywhere from $997 all the way up to OVER $5000…

Any many people that attend 1 to 5 day workshops STILL never achieve the breakthroughs they are looking for.

Today for a limited time only, on this exclusive offer, you can gain access to Subconscious Mind Tapping…

Not for $5000.

Not for $2500.

Not for $1000.

Not for even $500.

For a limited time…

Subconscious Mind Tapping is available for a one time easy payment… of  Only $298

Subconscious Mind Tapping

Remember that this is only for a limited time.


Get your copy of Subconscious Mind Tapping before the price TRIPLES.

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